to the internet presentation of our pension „Alter Zausel”. Our house is situated near the city centre of the „European city of culture 1999″ Weimar. We invite you to be guest in the town of the poets Goethe and Schiller.

In 1990 Mother Seidel (the house’s soul) and Father Seidel, the one who gave the house its name „Alter Zausel”, started a little pension. During all these years house and yard have been enlarged and embellished very often.

Son Volker Seidel went in professionally and so our family enterprise is always at your disposal with verve.

Entry of the yard

Our pension is located in the midst of a historical Gründerzeit quarter in a very quiet surrounding. It can be found between the old part of the city and the railway main station. To both places you only need about 10 minutes to walk. You can arrange your way to the city centre either by strolling along emmolested by traffic or you try to keep in touch with the Weimar flair.

Weimar and its surrounding

Weimar 1999

Living in Weimar means living in the middle of thuringia – and as is known it offers more than Goethe and Schiller.

To Erfurt, the capital of Thuringia with its unique image as a cathedral town, it’s only half an hour to go by car.

Even the Carl-Zeiss-Town Jenawith its planetarium and the Schiller University is in a near reach of 30 minutes, too. On your way there lots of sights lure, e.g. the battlefield of Jena and Auerstedt dated to the war of liberation against Napoleon; or the beautiful three Dornburg castles from where you will have a picturesque view over the river Saale valley.

You shouldn’t miss a visit to park and castle Großkochberg, the place of Frau von Stein’s residence. A tiny theatre for art lovers ans connisseurs is our special recommandation.

After about the one hour’s drive you will arrive at the Wartburg in Eisenach. Or in the neighbouring Sachsen-Anhalt you can find the Kyffhäuser monument located in the lower Harz region. The salt-works in Bad Kösen (a great relief for people harassed by hay fever), Naumburg cathedral with its famous sculptures of Uta and Ekkehard created by Stifter, the Saale valley with its ancient castles, the Rotkäppchen® town Freyburg are absolutely worth seeing.

In case you need relaxation after such a stressing program you can find refreshment in one of Weimar’s landscape parks. These are Belvedere and Tiefurt. You will be fascinated by the view over the town from Belvedere (where are also parks and a castle) and in Tiefurt you will be frapped by a soft ideal and rural idyll. The Ilm park (or Goethe park) is in the heart of Weimar and provides a brilliant garden work of art with Goethe’s garden house.

As you see, in many case, a vistit to us in Weimar is worth doing.

Alter Zausel