Weimar and surrounding

Do you have any questions concerning Weimar and Thuringia?

We would be pleased to help you discovering Weimar. Appropriate tourist guides and programs are at your hand and you may have a look at them and you also can require them.

Dornburger SchlösserTo list a complete repertoire of all sights in weimar would be pointless. We are sure you have heard or read of the most famous of them. Out of the less well-known sights some favourites of our former guests may be put beneath your heart: The Haus am Horn, THE original restored Bauhaus building, the Liszt house, the Nietzsche museum and last but not least the library tower of the foundation Weimarer Klassik.

Weimar is rich in little pubs and restaurants taking care of your well-being during your stay by offering you Thuringian cuisine. We can also recommend lots of alternative/art pubs and international-specialities-restaurants. With pleasure we recommend the restaurants joHanns Hof, Christoph Martin and the Caféladen.

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Goldwaschen mit KreibichHave you ever dreamed about finding gold yourself. On your own? Goldsmith master Christian Kreibich from Weimar offers you the opportunity to scratch gold in the picturesquely situated Schwarza valley, which is only one hour away from Weimar by car. On this homepage http://www.goldsuche-thueringen.de you can get more information.

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